December 5, 2017

TimTam Tiramisu - OMG

My life was changed for the better when I roomed with a lovely Frenchy named Manon while at Mt Cotton Organics outside of Brisbane. This lovely little lady presented us with her personal tiramisu recipe, and it is not an exaggeration when I say it might have been the best dessert I've ever tasted. I'm still salivating just thinking about it. Since the dish was such a hit she offered to make us a second one... seriously, isn't she the best! The second time around she used TimTams for the cookie base. TIMTAMS. If you haven't had a TimTam, I feel really sorry for you. TimTams are a delicious Aussie cookie, starting with a creme filling, protected by two chocolate wafers and fully coated in chocolate. I know for a fact that Target (at least in Chicago) sells them, and they are authentic Australian made! So get out and get some because you're going to want to eat some TimTam tiramisu.

Because this little treat is the best thing I've had in years I wanted to share the recipe (at least with Mich 😃 cause I know she's a fellow TimTam lover). This recipe is definitely geared towards chocolate lovers. The coffee flavor has been taken out and the chocolate double downed. Here it is, I hope you enjoy!

6 eggs
8 teaspoons of sugar
500 grams mascarpone cheese
Package of TimTams
Cocoa Powder

1.  Separate the egg whites from the egg yolks. Once separated, whip the egg whites with an electric beater.
2.  Mix together the egg yolks, mascarpone, and sugar.
3.  Slowly add the whipped white eggs to the mascarpone mixture, adding a little bit at a time.
     * If you do it the opposite and add the mixture to the egg whites, you're going to end up with a flat mixture.
4.  Crush TimTams into little bits.
5.  Use half the TimTam crumbs to line the bottom of your baking dish.
6.  Add half the creme mixture on top of the TimTam base.
7.  Add another layer of TimTams on top of the creme using whatever is left over.
8.  Add the remaining creme to the second layer of TimTams.
9.  Sprinkle some cocoa powder on top.
10.  Throw the dish in the fridge for eight hours and start the timer until you can eat it.

If you make this dish, and it doesn't taste like a legit piece of heaven... then blame Manon, it's her recipe 😉!

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