September 30, 2017

WWOOF Life: Stalking Baby Cows

One of the things I really want to experience while I'm WWOOFing is a cow birth. Don't ask me why it's just on my wish list. When I mentioned this to my hosts in the Tablelands, Phil broke the news that cows typically hide when they are giving birth and will emerge a few days later after the baby has been cleaned and is able to get around on its own. The only time he gets involved is if there's an issue with the mother or the baby, and that's only if he finds out... remember the cow is hiding! So the possibility of me witnessing a cow birth is pretty slim, but I got really lucky and was able to see a newborn before it was introduced to the herd!

How beautiful is that animal?

I was falling behind, too busy looking for snakes.

The Condon's second largest property is located near the Gillies Range, an area full of rolling hills and long green grass. As we were driving up the road he noticed a white mass on the side of a hill that he couldn't explain. So to make sure it wasn't a fallen cow or something dangerous we walked out to investigate. I'm of course hoping it's a little calf but he didn't seem to think so. Buuuut I got really lucky because we stumbled upon a little baby that Phil estimated was probably less than a day old!

She looks like she wants to cuddle.

Mum had ventured up to the top of the hill to graze so she had hidden the baby in the grass while she fed. We quietly crept up so I could snap some photos and Phil could make sure it was okay. We snooped around for a while and headed back up the hill once the calf got spooked by Kobe the dog. As we got to the top of the hill, Mum cow was heading back towards the babe and she was not pleased. I was slightly terrified of her charging us. Cows get real aggressive when you mess with their babies, especially a calf that young. Fortunately Mum decided to pass a few death glares our way and then carried on towards the baby.

And even though I can't check off an animal birth from my list, this was the next best scenario. Seriously how pretty is that baby!? Maybe I can keep one as a pet. 😁

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